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Enabling Perspectives

“To think outside the box you must first get out of the box.”

Ones perspective or perspectives can change for many reasons; from an accident, life event, such as a loved one dying or perhaps something less dramatic, such as a high school reunion. This new perspective can act as a positive or negative event which changes your behaviour. A new perspective, a way of looking at things or a new paradigm can change behaviour, but it can also change your emotional state and help you make better or worse decisions.

Alternatively, your perspective can change through education which provides a new set of facts that you can organize in your mind to determine your actions and behaviours. Your perspective can change everything and your control over your life depends on a good healthy perspective in all areas of your life.

I am a big believer in developing positive habits to get long lasting results. This, however, can take time and work but it is well worth the effort. Knowledge is often key to providing the motivation and new perspective to start the process.

In my case, a new perspective was thrust upon me at the age of 18 when an automobile accident changed my life and my perspective. This new perspective evolved overtime but at all times I did my best to keep my outlook positive. I believe this helped me get through a very difficult time and cope effectively with my physical disability.

Whether it is your desire for financial freedom, better health or more satisfying relationships, perspectives along with knowledge will make a difference. One must balance ones own personal values, strengths and weaknesses to get the desired outcome.

To get true insight, you must get out of your box.  

 To grow, to adapt, you must be able to think from different perspectives.